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Best Watches Under 1000 For Men

Looking for the best watches under 1000, if yes then look no further! We have reviewed all the top-rated watches for men that are priced below a thousand dollars. We hope that the list will serve as a guide in finding your next perfect timepiece for everyday usage.

Best Watches Under 1000 Dollars For Men Reviews

Best Watches Under 1000 Dollars For Men: Shopping Guide

best watches under 1000 dollars for men

In our guide for buying men’s watches under one thousand dollars, we highlight some of the important factors to consider. With these factors kept in mind, finding high premium watches below $1000 price tag becomes easy and fast. Follow along as we discuss the major factors and some important hints. Note that you can also apply these wrist watch shopping tips to the best watches under 500 and the best watches under 200 dollars price categories respectively.

The Watch Strap

It is super important that you pay attention to the quality of strap that your ideal watch comes with. Why? Since the watch is something you will have round your wrist for a long time, it’s important that feel comfortable wearing it. Some straps are known to be super comfy round the wrist while others are very uncomfortable. Some are even known to irritate the skin and may cause some sort of reactions. So, if you want to enjoy wearing your timepiece for extended period of time then it is recommended that you select your watch straps carefully.

There are instances that you may find the perfect timepiece below $1000 for men but with cheap and poor straps. If you find yourself in such situation, don’t frat! There is a way to solve the issue. You can still buy the wrist watch and then have the strap replaced with a more comfortable and durable straps. However, the method is usually attracts additional expenses which some people may not have the budget. But if you do have the budget, then go for it.

Types of Watch Straps

Different watches come with different kinds of straps. The major options available are; rubber leather and chain. Make no mistake, each unique strap have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing a given straps, it is important that you understand their Pros and Cons. In the sections that follows, we will highlight some the Pros and Cons associated with each type of watch straps.

Rubber Strap

The rubber wrist watch strap is one of the oldest types that most watches come fitted with. They are known to be cheap and affordable to replace when damaged. However, they are not the most preferred when it has to do with comfortability and coziness. But in terms of affordability and availability, they remain the number one choice on most people list. We recommend opting for the ones that made with durable resin material to ensure that they last longer and serve you better. They are also easily available on most online stores for easy purchase and replacement. Cleaning them is super easy and fast. Water with detergent does the trick and leaves your watch strap looking new and clean. They are most suitable for casual and sporting activities. Although they may be suitable for other outing purposes.

Leather Strap

Leather wrist watch strapThe second most popular type of watch strap is the leather straps. They are mostly featured in premium quality watches. There are cheap and expensive leather straps. It all depends on your budget and the level comfort you seek to enjoy with your timepiece. Original authentic leather watch straps offer high comfort level and last longer than the cheap ones. However, you should know that they are a little more expensive than the cheap ones. You should consider choosing leather straps if you are in the market for dressing watches under 1000 dollars. They are suitable for corporate and official outfits. They your options when dressing for a meeting, office work or board meetings. There are also different colors and diverse shades that you can choose to complement your outfit.

Chain Bracelets

chain wrist watch braceletThe last but not the least is the chain bracelets watch strap. Just like with the leather, the chain is mostly associated with high quality mens watches. They come in different colors and materials. Watches with chain bracelet are mostly used for ceremonial occasions. Such occasions include; award ceremonies, dinner night parties and the likes. Chain bracelets are a bit expensive to replaced compared with the other type of straps already discussed. Also, they are more durable and not easily probe to damage. They usually come oversized to fit wrist of all sizes. Depending on your wrist size, you may want to take it for re-sizing. Avoid resizing the chain bracelet of your watch to be too tight round the wrist to avoid skin irritation.

Watch Dial

watches for 1000 dialsWatch dial is another important factor that you want to keep an eye on when shopping for the best rated watches for men priced below $1000. Here you want to really pay attention to the size of the watch dial window. Why? Because different player has different wrist size. You don’t want to choose a big face watch for a relatively small wrist and vice versa. If you have a small wrist, then make sure that you pick the best watches under 1000 dollars with a small main dial window.

Other things you want to look out for is how the main window is designed. You want to stay clear from watches that have clustered design as those are hard to tell time. Pick a wrist watch that has a clean and classis display. A clean display will enable you to tell time quickly with just a single glance. A date display window is another handy feature that we think every timepiece should have. The date window assist you to keep track of current date without much hassles.